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People who have managed to purchase the pack may have some luck, as the pack was advertised as non-tradeable (meaning that it could not be sold on the transfer market) In the past, where EA has sold a pack with an incorrect description usually FIFA 23 coins, they compensate players with the original pack, meaning some players could receive 2 FUT Hero cards with as little as 25,000 coins.

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EA scores its own goal as FIFA 23 Hero Pack Snafu Wipes Millions of Coins Off Virtual Market

A snafu with one of FIFA 23's"Hero Packs" has turned rather costly after the tradeable FIFA Ultimate Team Hero product was put on the market for virtual transfers at a heavily reduced rate. There was chaos as players tried to sell their possessions as their value plummeted, attempting to recoup some loss as the market overwhelmed.

FUT Hero items are rare and are therefore highly valuable. Each item is associated with a player who has made an enormous contribution to their club or is a popular fan favorite because of one reason or another. Hero items are available for purchase. Hero item is a possibility to purchase many millions FUT coins per piece on the virtual transfer market or be obtained by purchasing packs, where there is a slim likelihood of getting one.

When EA mistakenly released a pack that contained a tradeable Hero item at the low price of 255,000 FUT coins, the market was hit by an influx of cheap Heroes which caused prices to plummet, erasing any value that was supposed to be attached to the more rare items. Fans who owned rare Heroes were forced to sell them in the wake of prices plummeting that put gasoline on the fire. This isn't surprising, considering rarer Hero items are worth hundreds of dollars when sold through third-party platforms buy FUT 23 coins.


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